Herbert Reid started an independent music label and called it Cheektowaga Music - its namesake being a Buffalo, New York suburb. As a musician he had been frustrated by the roadblocks set up by major record labels, so he thought he'd set up a record label which was accessible to all regardless. Along the way technology changed the business model of the music business, and Cheektowaga had to become many other things. Along the way Bradley James joined as a creative partner bringing with him a Baccalaureate in Fine Arts from Concordia University and a knowledge of all things "rave."

Because the business model of the music business has changed, we are now Cheektowaga Music and Moving Pictures, and have expanded to include other forms of media entertainment.

In 2020 Cheektowaga Music / The Urban Survivor incorporated and does business in a variety of different sectors including those which are non-entertainment related i.e. Building maintenance. We have released vintage recordings through various online distribution points via Songcast during 2020 and have begun the preproduction on two audio/video projects, we hope to wrap up this coming year. We hope to raise the awareness of the effect of mental illness amongst those you'd least expect, and to provide services and goods that are beneficial for the soul.